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Go green!

20-11-2018, by Mieke

Yesterday I posted quite a personal message on my Instagram page about finding the courage to share, letting go of judgement and fighting perfectionism. For those of you who don’t have Instagram, I’ve also added the message overhere on my blog.

The reactions to this personal post totally overwhelmed me. Being my own biggest critic and fearing the judgement of others, your reactions proved me wrong. No judging, but Sweet, Warm and Kind words, WAUW! Thank you so much! ❤️

Yesterday showed me how sharing can create sharing. Some of you mentioned that they recognize themselves in the things I wrote and I want to thank you for commenting so bravely! 

As I also mentioned, I do still love to share anything fashion, food and travel related, so I will definitely keep that coming 😉. If you’re into this all-green-ensemble, scroll through these photos, find the details below and head to the shop to find out more about the items I’m wearing, or comparable ones.

Wishing you Happy Shopping for Inspiration 🍀

X Mieke

#feelinggreatful #feelinggreen #feelinggood


  • Corduroy green jacket, trousers and basic striped longsleeve: Weekday
  • Belt: Zara (the one I'm wearing is sold out, but this one's a stunner too)
  • Mickey Mouse patterned shoes: Master of Arts (the ones I'm wearing are sold out, but definitely check out their winter collection 😍)

To find these items, head to the shop!

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