Positive vibes!

09-01-2017, by Mieke

It’s a New Year and after a great and long vacation with lots of family moments, food, drinks and then some more drinks and food, I’m back to rock this blogpost :-) As you know, I’ve been talking to my coach Thea and I promised to share the coaching process. In one of our talks, Thea and me talked about perspective and it made a big impact on me. 

Everybody looks at the world from their perspective and creates their vision; on the world, the people around them and of course on themselves. The way you look at things or people, defines the way you perceive them. Sometimes a small change in your perspective, can radically change the way you see the other person, a problem or yourself. During the holidays I reflected a lot on last year and here’s the difference between a positive and a negative perspective on my 2016:


In 2016, my husband and I traveled a lot and discovered the beauty of The Nordics. Hello Oslo, Copenhagen, Tallinn, the Stockholm archipelago…. YES!

We saw some of Scandinavia, but there’s so much more to discover. There were weekends we didn’t discover anything but our Netffix account, shame on me! Will we make it to Really see everything we want to see of the Nordics?


I took the step to start talking to a coach, which gave me so many new insights. GREAT!

Yep, I started talking to a coach, but has this changed me so far? I still worry about what other people think of me. My perfectionism is often still in the way, which is why I often don’t ‘just do things’. I’m not there yet.


I wrote many blogposts about fashion, I love modeling for my own blog and creating that sort of content. Letting out my girly self! COOL!

I’m writing about fashion, but what makes me think I’m an expert on this matter.. Who am I to say..?



I made new and inspiring friends in Stockholm and can really call Stockholm my home! AMAZING!

Yes, I made some friends, but I can get stressed by the idea I don’t see my Dutch friends as often because I live abroad. 



I took Swedish classes, learned about the Swedish culture and met people from allover the world! Right before the holidays I passed the final exam, so I can officially say I know Swedish. Det är fantastisk, eller hur?!

I learned some Swedish, but Hej, it’s far from fluent! So.. What’s the point?

The same situation, a different perspective. By focussing on the negative side of things, no matter how small, you can turn any situation into a negative experience. However, a positive point of view can make the same impact.. POSITIVELY :-)

To a large extend, you can influence the way you look at the world, experience things, the way you judge other people and, even more important, the way you judge yourself. 

I love to encourage other people, inspire them and complement them. However, to myself I’m the biggest critic and I tend to emphasize on the negative, rather than the positive. My coach Thea made me realize I kept thinking in circles. Whenever we’d talk about an issue and we’d come up with a solution, I’d say something like: ‘but that’s so hard’ or ‘but I don’t know how’. A different perspective would be: it’s not so hard and I will find a way!

So are you wondering what's my New Year’s resolution for 2017?


I’m going to wear my imaginary positivity-glasses. Every time I catch myself thinking: ‘It’s too bad blablabla…’ I will stop myself and ask myself: ‘but what’s the positive side on this?’ and I will change my way.

What about you? have you ever thought about the way you look at the world and yourself? Is your glass half full? And if not, what about changing your perspective and filling up that glass? Wouldn’t that be a great challenge? In 2017 I will turn every problem into a challenge. And you know what? I’m positive I can and I will :-) I want to wish everybody a great 2017, in great health and full of love and positive vibes!

Love, Mieke

I found my coach Thea through Competencer. Every coach has their own specialty and way of working, so you can search for somebody you feel comfortable with. The next step is to book an appointment and before you know it, you're having your coaching session via the camera and microphone on your computer!

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