Rindö, SE

Romantic get-away in the Swedish archipelago!

02-05-2016, by Mieke

Whenever people from Stockholm want to escape the urban hassle, they decide to go into the archipelago, the islands surrounding Stockholm. The closest island, Vaxholm, can be reached within 40 minutes by boat, which departs from several central places in Stockholm. The minute you enter the boat, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful water, nature and tranquility. You’ll understand why so many Swedes own a cottage somewhere in the archipelago.

There are some hotels in the archipelago, but the ones you find on Booking.com are fairly expensive. Apart from that, we thought a hotel wouldn’t give us the real deal when it comes to experiencing our weekend trip like the Swedes do; in a small and cosy cottage. Therefore, we tried our luck at Airbnb and boy oh boy, were we lucky!

I simply had to share this amazing gem we spent our weekend at!

You'll find this cute little cottage in Rindö. Get a boat from Slussen in Stockholm to Vaxholm (40 minutes) and take the ferry to Rindö. Rindö is a small island with many cute summerhouses and we felt as if we just stepped into an episode of Pippi Långstrump.

* A short side note: when I was a little girl, I wanted to be Pippi Långstrump, so my mum let me go to school with two braids and two different shoes. True story! You can imagine I felt very much at home in Rindö!

When we arrived at our cosy cottage, our jaws dropped...

The beauty of this place! 

This typically Swedish wooden cottage was built in 1885 and has had many owners ever since. Right now it belongs to Annika and Christopher, who decided to rent it out and share the beauty.

From the inside you'll discover there’s so much you can do with so little space. A cute dinner table, a bench that just fits, a lovely kitchen that has everything needed, a dainty bedroom with a comfortable bed and a shower attached to the back of the cottage. The toilet is located behind the cottage and will take you back to old times: no running water and a little shovel of sand to cover your ****. It takes some getting used to, but it’s worth 10 points for its charm! The entire interior of the house is very small and cosy, from the wooden floor and the the white and baby blue painted walls and ceilings, to the decorations which show a combination of older elements and some recent additions. 

This place has room for a maximum of 2 persons, which makes it the ultimate romantic get-away!

Then, a few meters down from the cottage you will find a terrace overlooking the baltic sea. The floating sauna is something to get rid of your bucket list, so we did!

A hot sauna, alternated with the intensely cold sea water, followed by a nice hot shower and some hamburgers from the barbecue. Life doesn’t get any better!

Do you want to stay in this dream house? Check out when Annika and Christopher have room for you :)


We had an amazing weekend and are totally ready for a new week to start! Have a great week everybody!

Love, Mieke

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