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Let's get personal

08-09-2016, by Mieke

When I was a little girl, I dressed like Pipi Longstockings, I wanted to be a flamenco dancer, but I also decided to become the world's best ice dancer or musical star. I thought outside the box and had the confidence to back it up. But more importantly:



Somewhere along the road this changed and little by little I became an over-thinker. Negative thoughts, whether big or small, can keep me up all night. Waisted energy on thoughts that bring me down..

The start of my blog was going to be the beginning of a new era: I will just write anything I want, wherever I am, about whatever comes to mind! Complete freedom and happiness! Right?

Uhm... NO, not so right! 

I started this blog, because I have the dream to make it easy for all of you ladies to feel good! It's a great dream and I want to inspire all of you to follow yours as well! Whenever I get a nice comment on a recipe or a beauty tip, it absolutely makes my day and brings me a bit closer to reaching this dream I have.


This blog is all about me being me and sharing my life with you, but so far my perfectionism has hold me back from feeling the freedom that comes with being a blogger. I want every idea and everything I write to be perfect and I want everybody who reads it to think the same. I'd love to post anything I want, wherever I am, about whatever comes to mind, but something is holding me back.. Or actually somebody..

The only one holding me back... IS ME!


Since I want to keep chasing my dream, it's time to tackle this problem (to tackle myself, really). I decided to start talking with a coach via Competencer.


Competencer is an online coaching website. Every coach has their own specialty and way of working, so you can search for somebody you feel comfortable with. The next step is to book an appointment and before you know it, you're having your coaching session via the camera and microphone on your computer!

It doesn't get more easy than this!

I made an appointment with one of the Competencer coaches, Thea, who asked the right questions and turned out to be a very good listener! 

Would you like to read about my first coaching session? And are you curious to see what this soul searching brings me? Then make sure to stay tuned, because Monday the journey continues :-)

Lots of love, Mieke

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