Stockholm, SE

1 Year anniversary

27-06-2016, by Mieke

We're looking at the pictures and videos so often that it seems like yesterday. It's hard to imagine it's already been a year ago we celebrated our wedding in The Netherlands, surrounded by all our friends and family!

So much has happened ever since. Right after the honeymoon we moved to Stockholm for Mark's job and I started this blog. It's not because of our marriage, but still: our life did really change after we got married!

If people ask me if it feels different being married...

My answer is Yes, for me it does. I can really say that the marriage strengthened the bond we have. It's such a magical thing choosing for each other, celebrating your love and knowing he will always be there! Of course it's not always easy. Living abroad is very special, but it also comes with missing friends and family and not being able to attend important occasions at home. However, this means we have to rely on one another so much more than we used to, which definitely brought us closer!

Enough for the cheesy words for now. We are going to celebrate and bring up the amazing memories of one year ago!

Scroll down for some of the pictures and the video :)

Love, Mieke

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