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04-02-2016, by Mieke

The traveler with a shopper-heart should definitely pay a visit to the 9 streets in Amsterdam. It's where real Amsterdam meets trendy boutiques and authentic cafés. It's central yet cosy and easy going, just like the hotspot I had my lunch at: Pluk!

The atmosphere

As soon as you enter the fresh world of Pluk, you'll find yourself surrounded by all kinds of interior must-haves and trendy gifts: from candles, to cookbooks and Scandinavian tableware. The combination of the beautiful wooden floors and white wooden ceilings, the antique mirrors and the long bar with lots of inviting foods and drinks makes for a cosy welcome! As soon as you've ordered at the bar, you'll take your drink upstairs, sit back and relax while you wait at one of the cute tables for your order to arrive...


Seeing this sugary picture you might suggest Pluk is a place where health is not of the essence. However, you would be mistaken. Although there are some toothsome sinners on the menu, the overall food served is healthy and free from sugar. The food is a great combination of dutch tradition - sandwiches, hell yeah! - and trendy adjustments - banana pancakes and healthy pizza, come on over! There are fresh juices on the menu with inviting names like perfect skin, green milf and young glow.. Who wouldn't want a sip of that, eh?

Sit back or take away

At Pluk you can order to take away or you can enjoy a little longer and just sit back and relax. What do you think we did ;-)

We ordered our green milf, the awesome autumn and the Pluk signature's banana bread to sooth our first appetite (dessert for starters, I'm all in!). The green milf was, as the name reveals, timeless, healthy and sweet enough at the same time. Although my lovely friend misses the mom part of being one, this juice definitely suited her. The cinnamon, walnuts and almond milk made for something I'd never tasted before and nailed the name with the autumn awesome; creamy, light and unexpected! The banana bread was sticky, not too sweet and delicious. The grilled vegetables sandwich that came after that was nice and savory and the cauliflower soup my friend ordered was firm, creamy, but definitely light! 

Do yourself a pleasure and step into the world of Pluk, it will make you feel good in every kind of way :)
Reestraat 19 

Open daily: 9.00 - 18.00 o'clock

Hopefully you will enjoy this hotspot just as much as I do! Will you let me know what you think of it? You can do so by leaving a comment below, on Facebook and on Instagram, I love to hear from you!

Much love, Mieke

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