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Asian delight | By Mieke Geevers
Stockholm, SE

Asian delight

18-01-2016, by Mieke

When my inspiration is low, I can always count on this Asian dish. Just boil some water for the rice, grab your wok pan and you'll be taking your first delicious bite in 10 minutes from now.

Groceries for 2 servings:

Uncooked rice 140 g
Chicken filet, cut in cubes 300 g
Sugar snaps, taugé and paprika
Are you Dutch and doing your groceries at Albert Heijn:
Just buy the Japanese vegetable mix
Unsalted cashew nuts 40 g
Lemon 1
Soya sauce 2 tbsp
Olive oil 1/2 tbsp

How to?

  • Boil your water and cook your rice, while cutting your chicken and vegetables
  • Heat up your wok, add the olive oil, the chicken and pour 1 tbsp of soya sauce over the chicken
  • When the chicken is almost ready, add the cashew nuts and the vegetables and wait for another minute or two
  • Poor over the lemon and the rest of the soya sauce.

! Be careful!
Too much soya sauce can easily make this recipe too salty and the taste of lemon can easily outshine the rest of the flavors. Before and during the last step of the recipe, taste and add to your liking.

Bon appetit!

Average containing per serving

Source: MyFitnessPal

Energy 689 kcal
Protein 44 g
Carbohydrate 67 g
Fat 25 g
   of which saturates 4 g
Salt 250 32 mg
Fibre 10 g

I hope you like this super easy recipe as much as I do! Will you let me know what you thought of it? 

Love, Mieke

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