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The life of a personal trainer

05-11-2015, by Mieke

Personal trainers are those people I look up to! They're the ones with alle the answers when it comes to feeling good, training right and looking great! During my internship (I am studying to becoming a fitness instructor), I had the privilege to work with Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach Lobke van Baarlen. Little did I know I'd learn so much more than only the way the fitness equipment works.

For Lobke, the satisfying part of her job is not creating great physiques, but helping people to find balance. It's not just about exercise, but so much more about finding those things that hold you back and work together to except or overcome them. Exercising can be a great way to gain confidence and fight barriers, but sometimes it serves you better to take a rest or have a talk with a good friend. Every person has a different story and by truly listening to her customers, Lobke finds a way to customize her approach every time.

I took the chance to take an interview with this inspiring woman, so check out the video :)

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