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09-02-2017, by Mieke

Winters in Sweden are cold, with dark and short days. By the time it's January, everybody craves for some sunlight, so it's no wonder that destinations like Thailand, the Canary Islands and Dubai are so popular for the Swedes in the middle of winter. We made a very impulsive decision and followed the Swedish example: we took a 4 days trip to Dubai, for a powerful shot of sunshine! ☀️

I had never been to Dubai, but was very curious to see the combination of the Arab beauty and the bigger-better-bolder attitude of one of the seven United Arab Emirates. Planning our trip, I soon realized that 4 days would never be enough to get more than just a glimpse of Dubai, but we're very lucky that our good friend Filip lives in Dubai, so he knew exactly where we needed to go. 

Check out my Dubai favorites!


When it comes to beaches, Dubai has a lot to offer. The sea is clean, light blue and during winter time, the temperatures are perfect (read: lying in the sun without bathing in your own pool of sweat). We went to The Beach at Marina Bay, a cozy neighborhood, with many young expats and great shops and restaurants. The beach is wide, not super crowded and there are many places you can go to have a break from the sunshine.

Breakfast at Joe's, drinking a coconut at The Beach and having coffee and a macaron at Ladurée.


When you visit Dubai, make sure to include a desert safari in your trip. In the desert, away from all the skyscrapers, you’ll discover a completely different side of Dubai. We chose the evening desert safari from North Tours. We were picked up at 3:00 PM and drove about 50 minutes to the desert, where the safari began. Prepare yourself for a bumpy ride, because the driver doesn’t compromise his speed and steers its Jeep right up and down the sand hills. This. Is. So. Cool!

After this bumpy ride, you’ll have the chance to see and ride camels, enjoy a belly dance performance and have some food. I was warned by a friend that the food wouldn't be all that good, but I thought it actually was! A nice buffet of all kinds of grilled meat, pasta, rice and salads: great!


The gold souk is the place where you get to see the old part of Dubai. You can shop for gold and spices and take a boat through the Creek. We did all this, but would I do it a second time? Nope. In reality, the souk doesn’t display that much tradition, but mostly a lot of pushy sales men and overpriced products. The boat trip shows many lovely views, but in Dubai you won’t need a boat for this experience 😊


Bigger - Better - Bolder? At the Dubai Mall they certainly have this covered, not only because it’s the biggest shopping mall in the world. Inside of the mall you’ll find an aquarium, an ice skating rink and literally any brand you can imagine. Are you interested in watches? Visit the watches-street. Do you want to get inspired by high fashion brands? Head over to the fashion area.

You will definitely need more than a few hours to see the entire mall and it’s definitely worth paying a visit. 

Being the sweet tooth that I am, I decided to indulge myself with a Mango Lime Cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory and buy some macarons at Ladurée to enjoy for later 😋

The aquarium in the Dubai Mall, people standing in line for the Chanel Store, The Cupcake Factory and Ladurée.


Party in Dubai? Yes you can! Dubai is full of young people looking for a nice party. We decides to go to the Friday Brunch at Westin hotel, which is a famous weekend activity in Dubai (Friday is the first day of the weekend in the United Arab Emirates). You’ll pay a fixed price for the lovely food and drinks, which is one of the big reasons that makes this activity so popular (usually drinks are quite expensive in Dubai). After having enjoyed your food and drinks, the party continues and you’ll find yourself dancing to the great tunes of the DJ at 4:00 PM!! After the brunch, the party usually continues next-door at Barasti Beach Bar, a beautiful place by the see, known for its amazing music and an even better atmosphere. However, we happened to encounter the only bad weather day of the year 😳, so Barasti was deserted..


In Dubai, the food is good! We went for sushi two nights and both of the restaurants were amazing.

Karma Kafé: amazing food, good service, delicious cocktails. From the outside terrace you have a perfect view on both the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and the impressive fountain show that starts every 20 minutes. 

Asia Asia: good food, nice views, exquisite service and a great atmosphere. The tasting menu is highly recommended :-) 


After only 4 days in Dubai I can definitely say Dubai is an intriguing place of contrasts. The tall buildings against the tranquil sea, the large group of western inhabitants and the traditional Arab society, the relaxation and the high pace....

Dubai is a place that WOWs you! 🔥

Have you ever been to this buzzing place? Or are you planning to go there? I'd love to hear what you think of my favorites!

X Mieke


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