Oat cappuccino

17-11-2015, by Mieke

Our first weekend in Stockholm we were exploring Södermalm in Stockholm, a very trendy and artistic part of of this amazing city. We stopped for coffee at Johan & Nystrom, were I ordered my regular soya cappuccino. Surprisingly, this coffee specialist was not serving coffee with this non-dairy alternative to cow's milk, but he did have another suggestion: oat drink. The daredevil I am, I had to try this… And I love, love, loved it!!

The foam of oat drink in the coffee has a very soft and sweet taste. Perhaps I am taking this a bit to far, but it has a bit of a cookie flavor along with the coffee. Buying oat drink turned out to be fairly easy and there is a whole range of products from a brand called Oatly, which is said to be the first company ever producing oat drink. They even sell a version of the oat drink especially for barista’s (and non-barista’s :)). Ever since this discovery, it has been a regular in my fridge!

For testing purposes, I also bought my supermarket’s own brand, checked for the foam-ability and, although the foam is a bit less firm, it definitely does the trick as well! Alpro, a worldwide sold brand, sells oat drink as well, so it’s definitely worth a try!

From what I read, it appears to be fairly easy to make oat drink yourself, so I will be doing a post on that as well somewhere soon. But meanwhile, please do try this at home an let me know what you think. For me it’s a match made in coffee heaven. What about you?

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