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Little black dress | By Mieke Geevers
Stockholm, SE

Extend your wardrobe with la petite robe noire

13-11-2015, by Mieke

Ever since I received this lovely fragrance from Santa a couple of years ago, my winters are always accompanied with at least this irresistible little black dress. The perfume is sweet an flowery, yet warm, chique and present. Perfect for the winter and for those festive days to come.

The collection has been extended with these 4 black miniature dresses; 2 eau de toilettes and 2 perfumes. Ideal to put in your hand bag for on the go...

But they make a cute accessory on your night stand as well :)

Sinterklaas (a bearded well doer like Santa Claus, but somewhat different) is arriving tomorrow in The Netherlands, so this may be the perfect addition to your wish list. Have a great weekend!


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