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O.P.I. Avoplex cuticle oil | By Mieke Geevers
Stockholm, SE

O.P.I. Avoplex cuticle oil to go review

15-10-2015, by Mieke

My cuticles have always been very dry, summers and winters, I can't recall them not being dry. To me, this has never been such a big deal, but most pedicures look at my nails, shake their heads and suggest me to oil my fingertips everyday to fix this problem that I seem to be having. So, a while ago I bought myself this product and I wanted to share my experience with you.

As the name suggests, this product is perfect for ladies 'on the go'. It's a very handy product to put in your handbag, so you will be able to use it whenever you like. In my world that means: you don't have to think of it in the morning as another step in your routine.. A perfect product for me! The use of this product is as easy as A-B-C. You open the tube, squeeze a bit, the oil comes out onto the small brush and you oil your cuticles. In the beginning you will need to get used to properly dose the oil that comes out, because a small amount of oil will do the trick.

Does it work?
As soon as you'll start using the product you will see and feel te difference. The skin looks more moisturized and the skin around the nail doesn't peel off as much as before. So it definitely works!

Does it work for me?
Despite of the handiness of this 'on the go' product, I still have some difficulties of using this oil on a regular basis. Although the oil only gets on the cuticles, there is still some greasiness. Whatever I'm doing, whether it's typing, writing, cooking, I'll keep avoiding to touch anything and I end up taking some paper and removing the oil.. Oops! I do have to say that this has nothing to do with this great product, but only with my fear of greasiness (read: my weirdness). I experience this exact same thing with hand creams, so if anybody has a non greasy (and I mean not at all) hand cream tip: let me know!

This product works and does the trick in no time! If you can handle some slippery finger tips, this is your new go-to product! For me however, the urge to solve this dryness is perhaps not big enough and to be honest I'm perfectly fine with it ;-). So I will keep this product around for when the winter and the dryness get worse, but for the rest I will tell the pedicure I'm just fine the way it is.

What do you think girls? Are you facing the same dry skin around the nails? And do you have an even faster solution? I am all ears!

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