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02-11-2016, by Mieke

Men would never understand us, but I speak for many women when saying this: eyelashes are super important to us! Of course for their functionality, but especially for their appearance. Many women desire long and full lashes, as they make our look more intense and extra feminine. 

For me, a few strokes of my mascara brush makes the difference between a sleepy face and a ready-to-go-I-can-concure-the-world look. 

When I was in The Netherlands, I got invited for an eyelash extensions treatment by Solutions for beauty and more. Having never considered needing eyelash extensions, I was intrigued and I simply had to try it! Let me tell you all about the treatment, the result and about how I feel after winking my extended lashes for the last two weeks.

Solutions for beauty and more is a beauty salon offering many treatments, for relaxation as well as skin improvement. You can visit Solutions for facial treatments, hair removal, massages, make-up and eyelash extensions. Lenneke is the owner of Solution and she is as sweet as she is professional. She has the ability to create an informal atmosphere, to make you feel at home and take perfect care of you at the same time. I always like a personal approach when it comes to beauty treatments, so I was pleased having discovered Solutions!

For the eyelash extensions treatment Solutions uses extensions made from polyester and silk, which are anti-allergic. The hairs are thicker at the roots and grow thinner to the end, just like natural eyelashes. It depends on how many natural eyelashes you have, but for most women 60 to 70 hairs are being added during the treatment. 

This means you’ll end up with twice as many lashes! How exciting!


To actually see the difference, we had to make some 'before-pictures'. These are my eyelashes without a curler or mascara. In all truth: I hardly leave the house like this, so this is me showing my vulnerable side ;-)

My main concern for this treatment was me ending up with enormous and super fake lashes. Totally understanding my concern, Lenneke chose for 12 millimeter length lashes. She assured me this would give the most natural effect for my eyes.


When you’re having lash extensions, always discuss the right length for your eyes and the desired effect you’re after. They come in different length sized, so it’s not a matter of ‘one size fits all’.

Of course you don’t want your upper and lower lashes to be glued to each other, so first Lenneke made sure the lower lashes were covered up with some patches. After this, the lashes were being attached with a special bonder, that’s flexible and soft, waterproof and it won’t hurt your natural lashes. This process wasn’t painful at all. The hairs are being attached one by one to your own eyelashes, so it did take a while. Luckily I had Lenneke right by my side for some laughter and small talk; 75 minutes flew by! 

After removing the patches, I was blown away by the effect of these extensions.

My eyelashes were HUGE! Super full, super long and still natural! Yay!


In the beginning I was very focussed on the effect of the eyelashes and I thought everybody would notice them. However, there were only a few friends that actually did. The cool thing about these extensions, is that you’ll look as if you’ve already put on your mascara, straight from the moment you wake up! Without doing anything, I started my days looking fresh without any effort. 

If you then add a little foundation and eye shadow, the look is completed and off you go. These lash extensions definitely confirm my first statement in this blogpost: eyelashes are super important.

These lashes really give me a confidence boost, while still feeling natural! 


To enjoy your lashes as long as possible, they should not get in contact with oil, because that would make them fall out earlier. However, since you’re not wearing any mascara (or only a tiny bit on your lower lashes), this is not so hard. I simply used micellair water around my eyes. Wearing my contact lenses with these winky friends was no problem either.



You must notice how enthusiastic I am about these extensions and it’s very tempting to keep them. It depends on how fast your hair grows, but the attached hairs will fall out like your natural hair does. Averagely speaking you’ll have to get back every other week to get some new lashes and remain the full lashes you started with. This is quite a commitment, but then again, it takes less time in the morning :-)


Easy to feel good, right?


Tell me what you think of my lashes. Would you like to get them too? Then don’t hesitate to visit Lenneke at Solutions, she’s absolutely great!

Lots of love and a wink,



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