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Anna said it, so it must be true, right?

04-11-2015, by Mieke

Being this huge icon, it is a safe choice to listen to Anna Wintour when it comes to fashion. Here are 2 quotes I picked up from two short interviews I saw of this power woman:

“ Fashion is all about individuality and reflecting the woman’s character.”

Watch the video:

I think Anna is very right with these words, but the question remains: how do you express your character trough your style? And what does it say about my character that I will go from tom-boy to high heels and from sloppy pants to cute sexy dress within one week? Does that make me fashion-schizophrenic?

“There are no trends, it’s not about length or shape, but about expressing who you are.”

Watch the video:

Of course you can’t go around some fashion trends! I remember being horrified at first seeing Shakira in her Whenever-Wherever low waisted skinny jeans and finding myself being totally thrilled buying one a few months afterwards. What you see it what you get accustomed to see and potentially even grow to like or love. That’s how trends work. This Shakira story is a very out-dated example to illustrate that trends come and go, but that's my point: looking back, I'm horrified again! 

So when saying there are no trends, perhaps this means that there are many trends going on right now and that everything goes, as long as it fits your body, your personality and it makes you feel good. And isn’t that what makes you stand out and makes you the special individual you are? Feeling good about yourself?

Have fun with fashion and wear whatever makes you feel your best at that exact moment!

Congratulations Anna! Thanks Anna! Go Anna!

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