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Life is crazy

05-10-2015, by Mieke

This morning a year ago I was unaware of the cool turn my life was about to take. We were going away for the weekend to celebrate our 10th anniversary as a couple. Getting married was always something I wanted to do some day, but I considered it to be something for grown ups. That was the reason my answer to his proposal that night was: "Uh yes, but why? Huh?". I could't really comprehend the fact that this was that 'some day when I'm a grown-up’. Of course the answer was yes and we were on cloud nine! The whole planning started and I got totally caught up with pinning dresses and cakes on Pinterest.

In a nut shell this is what happened afterwards: Mark and I got married on the 27th of June 2015 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, we went on an amazing honeymoon to Tanzania, we got back after two weeks and three days later we moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where Mark had gotten the chance to work for his company and I started setting up this blog. Here's the more elaborate story that lead to me starting this blog.

A leap of faith?
Mark had gotten an opportunity to start a new job in Sweden for his company. We knew we wanted to live abroad for a long time, so we decided to take this chance. I was working at a dairy company in a sales supporting role, but it had already dawn on me that a career within a big multinational would not make me as happy as I thought it would; I missed the creativity. Us leaving to Stockholm was a fantastic push for me, because I could either apply for a comparable job in Sweden, or take the leap of faith and pursue my dream to make a difference. 

Of course, planning a wedding can be stressful, but ours was also combined with our search for an apartment in Stockholm and organizing the move. Two week before the wedding, the suitcases for the honeymoon were packed and all the rest of our stuff was already on its way to Sweden.

But then the wedding day arrived and it's impossible to describe the happiness! On Friday we got married by law, together with only the families and grandparents. We had a dinner at my parents' house, which was very intimate and special. Saturday was the big day, where we got married in church, in front of all our familie and friends. We had our reception in the garden of Mark's parents and the dinner and party were at a beautiful party venue. Two days of incredible happiness: all the people you love, together to celebrate your love for each other, the getting ready at my parents house, all the special moments, the cake, the sun (so lucky), all the amazing presentations and speeches, parents singing, dancing in flip flops, I could continue all day.. Getting married is awesome! If you want to get an idea of our wedding, watch this video. We can't seem to get enough of it ;-)

Photos: Sjurlie bruidsfotografie

Two days later we went on our honeymoon, of which the destination was kept a secret for me until we were at the airport: Tanzania! During the safari on mainland and the tranquility on Zanzibar, we got the time to re-experience everything and get totally relaxed. It was until we got back on the plain to The Netherlands where we realized we'd move to Sweden in three days.

Move to Stockholm
So after the final goodbye's we zipped up the honeymoon suitcases again and on the 16th of July we flew to our new home: Stockholm. In no time Mark had installed all kinds of IKEA stuff (Hello Sweden!), we unwrapped all the beautiful wedding gifts and we spent all the time in our new city looking for nice Swedish touches for the apartment. Now a little over two months later we are totally settled and we feel at home. Colder and shorter days are coming, so it's nice to have a place to come home to for some coziness.

Blogging and vlogging
Everybody knows what a blogger is these days, but a year ago I had never heard of  the term ‘vlogger’. I did spend a lot of time watching make-up tutorials and funny people on YouTube, but I never considered this to be a real job; it's simply too good to be true. But when my fiancé asked me to name all the things I love to do, I listed as follows:

  • Being on a stage, presenting, teaching, acting and singing
  • Sports: all kinds of sports, especially the intensive and competitive versions
  • Food: healthy food choices and the reasons why we do or don't chose to make them
  • Beauty: I was watching make-up tutorials, need I say more?
  • Shopping: who doesn't, you can't start a career based on this gene we have as women

... And when asked what were the career dreams I'd always had, however crazy they might seem:

  • Playing in musicals, comedy shows, acting, being on stage
  • Presenting television shows
  • Starting my own business in.. Don't know, something creative..
  • Inspiring other people or making a difference

Looking at my list full of nice hobbies, I didn’t realize the answer to the happiest career ever was right in front of me..

So here it is, my leap of faith!
Letting go, or at least trying to let go, the traditional way of making a career and just doing it! From now on I will proudly call myself a blogger, vlogger or video-blogger, what’s in a name. I would love to take you with me along the ride, so you’re more than welcome to join!

Nice to meet you, my name is Mieke Geevers; Givers.

It’s my dream to make it easy for women worldwide to feel good about themselves. Fast reads and videos about sports, food, beauty and fashion. Feel free to browse through my website, comment, like or share, you're welcome!