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Clean up that morning face!

28-10-2015, by Mieke

I always wondered how many women, besides me, would not clean their faces twice a day. The September and Oktober issue of the Dutch Women’s Health showed that only 33% of Dutch women clean their faces every night and every morning. I used to be part of the other 66%.

Until about a year ago I would never clean my face in the morning. I figured I had already done my beauty routine the night before and not much could happen during the night to spoil this absolute clean surface. It wasn’t like I would actually get in one of those mud-fights I recall dreaming about ;-). No, not me. I would just wake up, get under the shower and use what was left of my shampoo foam to get that extreme clean just-washed-my-face-with-soap kind of feeling. It was not like I had a perfect skin that could bear anything, not at all. But I didn't believe cleaning my face twice a day would really make that much of a difference.

That was until I was asked to get married about year ago..

In the attempt of having everything picture perfect on the big day, I planned my visits to the beauty specialist. She was brutally honest (just kidding Mickey!) about the state of my skin. I will get into that another time, but we also discussed the big WHY on cleaning your face in the morning. While you take your well deserved rest during the night, your skin apparently gets to work. It will try to restore all the damage which is done by day and will get rid of dead skin cells. Furthermore, your skin produces sebum just like it does during the day, which explains why your skin can feel a bit greasy in the morning.

Well, I kept the promise to my beautician to start my days with cleansing my skin, instead of dehydrating it with my shampoo left overs. It takes me two minutes, two pads, one with Nivea cleansing milk, the other with Nivea Cleansing toner and in between some water in my face. As you can see, the picture says it all: there is dirt on your face in the morning which you do not like to cary around during the day.

In the Women’s Health article there were 3 really handy and fast tips as well:

1. Cleansing wipes
2. Micellair water
3. Cleansing foam

I don’t have any experience with the micellair water, so I might give that a try! What about you guys? Do you clean your skin every night? And every morning? And which product do you like to use?

Source: Dutch Women's Health Magazine September-Oktober 2015
Displayed in the picture: Nivea Milk and Tonic

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