Brussels, BE


09-08-2020, by Mieke

Just outside the busy and touristy city centre of Brussels, you'll find JAT'. The crowd is a nice mixture of international locals and turists. It's always busy and the music is loud, but at JAT' you'll be able to take a breath and relax.

The coffee at JAT is truly amazing. I've had some coffees and cappuccino's there so far, but I'm secretly waiting for winter to come, because I've seen so many people indulging on coffees and hot choco's with loads of wipped cream and cookies on top. Apart from the great coffe, there are many bagels and juices to choose from. The truffle and chicken bagel is a nice choice (it's not a light choice however), but you can also have a pick from the to-go options. 

Wether you're in between a nice day of shopping, sightseeing, or you want to get some work done on your laptop; JAT is a great idea!


Rue de Namur 28

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