Tarifa, ES

Oops, I did it again!

14-07-2018, by Mieke

You packed your suitcase with many great vacation combinations, accessories, bikinis, sunglasses, a hat, some scarfs and enough sandals to match. You arrive at the airport and, just like you planned (ok, after weighing at home and getting rid of 3kilos of sunscreen and 13 unnecessary outfits 😬) you’re not 1 gram under or over the allowed weight.


Then what do you do as soon as you arrive in Seville? 

You dive into sale season and go shopping, duh 🤷🏼‍♀️

A great dress with a modest and on-trend length, sneakers to tone it down and my latest new bag.


I didn’t want to write an extensive blogpost about this cute dress at Massimo Dutti. I just wanted to share it with you and tell you: it’s on sale and you can find it in my shop 🤫

That’s it 😃

I will now get back into vacation mode, filled with sun, sea and wind, now that we’ve arrived in Tarifa ☀️

Hasta luego cariños!

😘 Mieke

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