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Denim budget tip!

07-05-2019, by Mieke

Before you splurge on a new pair of expensive jeans… 

Hang on, hold your horses 🐴, because you’ll want to know about this budget tip I’ve got for you!

Many years ago I bought a pair of jeans at Berschka. I don’t remember the price, but it definitely suited my student budget at the time. I remember thinking ‘Is this cheap purchase going to cost me in the end?’, but it ended up to be the best buy of that season and the seasons (!) after that. I literally lived in that pants, because it was comfortable, suited any style and had an amazing fit.

Finding a great pair of jeans is a quest for many women. It has to fit your body type, feel snug, hug you in the right places and it needs to both separate and lift the buttocks. Since that’s no easy task, I often rely on renowned denim brands when it comes to finding a jeans…

That’s until last Wednesday, when I suddenly recalled ‘that pair of jeans from back in the day’. I entered Berschka and walked out with not just one, but two pairs of new and inexpensive jeans, whoop whoop 🎉


I adore the high waisted mum-jeans that’s so on-trend right now. It’s a style that suits all body types, especially when you’re naturally bootylicious and like to show-off your curves. When you’re not in the possession of a lot of bum, this style can definitely create the illusion, provided that the fit of the jeans is impeccable: separating and lifting that bootie ✨

This jeans definitely does the trick!

It hugs me in the right places, but it’s not too tight around the waist (read: I can have dinner AND dessert without wanting to open a button 😉🤫). At the back the fabric crawls up a bit, which creates that separated, round and peachy bum-bum 🍑. I’ve been walking around in these jeans for a few weeks now and I can assure it’s very comfortable and definitely keeps its shape.

Since I was so over the moon with this renewed denim discovery, I also bought a white pair that makes me feel super comfortable. Keep an eye on my Instagram account, because I will definitely start showing it off when May finally stops feeling like February 🥶

To shop this stunner of a denim pants, head to the shop 😃

See you in my next post sweetheart!

❤️ Mieke

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