Yerseke, NL

Oyster heaven

21-12-2018, by Mieke

It took me quite a while to get used to the taste of oysters, but nowadays I really love them. It’s such a delicious, luxurious and inviting way to start a dinner and the fact that it’s an aphrodisiac makes them even more interesting 😉

Until we took a trip to Zeeland with my parents in law, I used to only think of France when ordering oysters. My husbands grandparents are originally from this province in the Netherlands, where you can find the best flat oysters (So they say and I totally trust them on this one 😄).

In Yerseke, you can find many mussel- and oyster farms and even more places where they sell this deliciousness! There’s only one street you need to go to (ok, it’s two) and you can pick your favorite place, depending on your mood.

For fish and chips in a casual setting, make sure to head to De Viskêête and if you want to spoil yourself, the fancy Nolet’s Vistro is the perfect place to go.

At Havendijk, there are many small restaurants where you can enjoy your oysters straight from the oyster pits. During the season, you can see how the oyster farmers are working hard to get those tasty ones you’re longing for. Amongst these restaurants you’ll find Oesters & Bubbels; a fancy place for celebrations with oysters and, obviously, bubbles. These photos were taken at Oesterij: casual, no nonsense and boy oh boy, the most delicious oysters!

If you are a fan of oysters and you want to see where they actually come from, then definitely make your way to Yerseke during oyster season (from September until April). I promise: you won’t regret it! 👌🏻

X Mieke

De Viskêête Havendijk 36, Yerseke, Nederland

Nolet’s Vistro Burgemeester Sinkelaan 6, Yerseke, Nederland

Oesters & Bubbels Havendijk 25, Yerseke, Nederland

Oesterij Havendijk 12, Yerseke, Nederland

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