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22-06-2016, by Mieke

With a beautiful view on the water and located in one of the most beautiful parks of Stockholm, you will find Boulebar Rålambshov. It's the perfect place to come together, have a drink, enjoy the lovely food and.. Play some ball!


We decided to combine our weekend brunch and a serious game of pétanque at the Boulebar. We reserved a table at 11 and a jeu de boules court at 12 am...

This meant we had one hour to enjoy the lovely brunch dishes and mentally prepare for the big game ;-)

The brunch shows a wide variety of French foods, like a cheese platter, quiches, potatoes, roasted chicken and some great deserts... Hard to make a choice, but since we didn't have breakfast yet, we decided to keep it light and return after the game for another bite and some desert. The food was  prepared perfectly, the buffet was constantly being replenished and the waiters were very friendly. Their striped sweaters contributed to the French vibe at Boulebar!

OK, keeping it light is a hard job when you're presented with all these options, so honesty compels me to say we had quite some food and finished with these two waffles right before we stepped foot on the pétanque court.

You need all your energy on a game day, right? ;-)


Pétanque is a game I've always had a big talent and interest for (can you hear the sarcasm overhere?). I would always play this game with my older brother during summer vacations in France, but as soon as I got distracted by the fact that he was a far better player, I'd quickly lose interest. Playing with my husband was like having the same experience allover again..

Yes, I'm a crappy at playing jeu de boules, but if it's combined with a nice drink, some sunshine and good music, I can play this game anytime!

There are many courts surrounding the Boulebar and a lot of families and groups of friends having fun. It's a great atmosphere and one of the striped-sweatered girls kept us refreshed with some drinks during the game: Jeu de Boules Perfection!

The score? Let's not talk about that ;-)

After the game we felt we needed to refuel from our hard training, so we concluded with a nice cup of coffee and a super soft & sweet chocolate mousse...

If you're into delicious fun, this is the place to go!

Will you let me know what you think of the Boulebar? I love to hear from you!

X Mieke


April/May - August (check the website for specific information)

Monday - Saturday: 11.00 - 23.00
Sunday: 10.00 - 22.00

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