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Puur Pien

03-03-2016, by Mieke

My very talented and beloved friend Pien opened her own place in Eindhoven, so when I was in The Netherlands a few weeks ago, I hopped in a few times to experience the vibe at Puur Pien

Feel at home

Pien has known for a long time she wanted to open her own place, where she could make people feel at home. She wanted to combine her creative background in art with her extensive experience in cooking and baking. A place where you can either relax and read your newspaper, or stop by for a take away meal and a short chit-chat. As soon as you enter Puur Pien, you are welcomed by Pien, who tells you all about the menu of the week and sets the tone with her bubbly personality. 

Puur Pien has the 'feel-at-home vibe' going on! Are you curious? Check out this video :)

Home made & take away

As the name suggests, all the meals sold at Puur Pien are cooked by Pien herself, with pure ingredients. Take away meals, without the dodgy image of numerous additives and tons of salt and greasiness. People can skip the cooking, place their meals in the oven for 10 minutes and still do themselves good, also taste wise; her codfish & risotto was just perfect and, combined with a nice white wine, turned my kitchen table into a restaurant. Pien has a new menu every week, so you'll never eat the same dish twice and you'll be pleasantly surprised everytime you walk in!


Next to the take away meals, people can stop by for yoghurt & fruitsoup and boterhammen, a typical Dutch sandwich with all sorts of toppings, from simple to original. My friend Lot chose the creative combination of smoked salmon and a beet spread and I went for some traditional Old Amsterdam cheese, combined with eggs and some spicy rucola leafs. Together with a Peruvian filter coffee and a freshly squeezed carrot-ginger juice it felt as if I was having lunch at home, but then much better :)

This girl can bake!

Pien made a name when she was a finalist in the popular tv-show 'Bake my day'. She was also the designer of our wedding cake AND the cupcakes at my bachelorette party.. But let's not go there ;-) 
This girl can bake! So whenever you're craving for something sweet next to your coffee, don't forget to ask Pien if there happened to be any baking that morning ;-)

And if you want to recreate Pien's style at home or surprise someone with an original gift? Then shop one of the carefully selected design items displayed everywhere in the store.

Great food and no-nonsense 'gezelligheid' is what you get at Puur Pien. Take a visit and make yourself at home!

Puur Pien
Aalsterweg 14
5615 CE Eindhoven
+316 126 126 63

Monday: 13.00 – 20.00
Tuesday - Saturday: 10.00 – 20.00

I hope you liked this Southern Dutch hotspot ;-) Let me know what you thought of it, by leaving a comment beneath, on Instagram or on Facebook!

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