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15 minutes bootylicious home work-out

12-10-2015, by Mieke

Along with the fame of power women like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Beyoncé, came the fame of the round butt. A round and high positioned booty is on the wish list of many women, including me, myself and I. 

I must admit I’m more of a total body work-out kind of girl. While making all your muscles work during your work-out, the calorie burn is higher than when you only target one group of muscles. But hey, sometimes it is just nice to feel that ass burning and having the feeling you're focussing on creating that firm but you desire, right? Join me on this bootylicious home work-out! The only thing you will need is 15 minutes of time and some booty-effort, I promise you'll feel that bum tomorrow

Here’s the drill:

  • 7 exercises, 55 seconds per exercise, 5 seconds to change positions after every exercise.
  • One minute rest
  • Repeat the same 7 exercises
  • Done :)

You can use an interval timer app or a stopwatch to set the time. I have programmed it in the app called Interval Timer, available for free in the app store, but there are many other ones, so take your pick! For this work-out you will create 3 interval cycles:

exercise: 7 sets, high intensity 55 secs, low intensity 5 secs
rest: low intensity 55 secs, high intensity 5 secs (to get back in the right position for the second round of exercises)
exercise: 7 sets, high intensity 55 secs, low intensity 5 secs

Good luck and have fun!

1. Bridge with legs and feet turned open: 55 seconds, 5 seconds rest

  • Lie flat on the floor with bended knees and your feet widely apart and turned out. Try not to think of the gynecologist ;-)
  • Lift your hips up as far as possible.
  • Squeeze the but at the highest point for a second and return to the starting position.

2. Jump sumo squad: 55 seconds, 5 seconds rest

  • Stand up straight with your legs and your feet turned out.
  • Get down in the squad position: go down as far as possible, keeping your back straight, and your heels on the floor. Make sure your knees are not going past your toes when you bend down.
  • Get back up with a little jump, and bend your knees for a soft landing.

3 and 4. Kick to the back, kick to the side in dog position. Every leg 55 seconds, 5 seconds

  • Get on the floor in the dog position.
  • Bend your knee towards you belly and kick you feet to the back with bended knees.
  • Bend your knee towards your belly and kick your leg to the side with a straight leg.
  • Repeat after 55 seconds with the other leg.

5 and 6. Bridge with one leg in the air: every leg 55 seconds, 5 seconds rest

  • Lie on the floor with bended knees en your feet placed closely to you bum.
  • Stick one leg out and move your hips as far up as possible.
  • While doing this, your leg needs to stay parallel with the other leg.
  • Repeat after 55 seconds with the other leg.

7. Bench but: 55 seconds, 5 seconds rest

  • Lay your upper body down on a bench or chair, facing the bench and with enough space for your legs to move up and down.
  • Bring your legs up as far as possible with bended knees.

Take a breath for 55 seconds, get back in the starting position and repeat this cycle one more time. You're halfway there!

That's it, you're done! Did you manage to squeeze this work-out in in your busy schedule? Let me know if you tried this and how you felt :)

Nice to meet you, my name is Mieke Geevers; Givers.

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